Commercial Real Estate: Key Marketplace Updates




The pandemic has transformed “business as usual” into “business in the new normal.” COVID-19 has imposed limitations and compliance requirements on onsite activities, while remote work seems here to stay at some level. Obviously, the current risk picture was completely unanticipated when you were planning and budgeting 2020. And the CARES Act has significantly changed the tax picture. Owners, developers, syndicators and property managers in all segments of the commercial real estate sector are grappling with these dynamics as they plan their path forward. 
Our webinar will address the critical tax, workforce and insurance issues that the CRE sector must address to succeed in our new normal. Topics include:

  • CARES Act Tax Provisions: NOL carryback changes, fix for the retail glitch, increased business deductions 
  • Managing Workforce Issues: hiring and onboarding, workforce management, pay, compensation
  • The Changing Insurance Market: hard market, pricing forecasts, P&C trends to watch, insurance buyer tips

Your Expert Presenters:

  • Larry Rosenblum, Managing Director, CBIZ MHM, LLC & Cost Segregation Practice Leader
  • Corey Payne, Vice President, CBIZ Human Capital Management
  • Greg Cryan, President, CBIZ Insurance Services, Southeast Region