Executive Search Buyer's Guide

Your tool for navigating the executive search process, selecting the right recruitment partner, and ultimately, making informed hiring decisions.

Download the Executive Search Buyer's Guide today

In today's hiring environment, recruiting senior or C-Suite level talent can be a daunting task—especially when you have little to no knowledge of the executive selection process or experience making decisions like this.

Not only is the executive hiring process complex, but it’s also filled with risk. Putting the wrong person in charge of a company can be detrimental to its bottom line. In fact, those at the senior or executive levels tend to have disproportionately high turnover costs as a percentage of salary (up to 213%). But in most cases, the cost of the wrong leadership placement extends well beyond monetary value and can have devastating effects on overall productivity, company culture and reputation. 

To ensure the right seats are filled, companies increasingly turn to executive search firms to navigate the selection process. This type of specialized recruitment service is used to help organizations identify, attract and secure top-tier candidates for senior, executive or other highly qualified leadership positions for clients.

Buyer's Guide to Executive Search

Download our Buyer’s Guide to Executive Search if you’re ready to gain access to valuable data and insights that will help you navigate the executive hiring process, select the right recruitment partner for your business, and ultimately, prevent poor hiring decisions.

What's Inside?

  • Answers to the most common questions regarding executive search
  • An overview of the executive selection process and your role in it 
  • Expenses involved (and why it’s worth the investment) 
  • Top considerations for evaluating and selecting the right search firm 

Download the Executive Search Buyer's Guide today

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