Technology Strategies to Improve Productivity & Manage Risks

The Workforce/Workplace of the Future Series


With the increased need for remote work arrangements, many organizations had to immediately support a virtual infrastructure, expand videoconferencing, upgrade cybersecurity and/or increase call center support. As a result, the way companies manage productivity, engagement, risk and the overall shift to a remote environment will be crucial to a successful recovery – and technology will not only play a pivotal role, but it can also be a competitive advantage. Why this matters:

  • 85% of employees who feel their company's technology is ahead of the curve say they love their jobs
  • 70% of employees believe that technology improves the work/life balance
  • 48% of employees wish that their workplace technology performed the same way as their personal technology
  • 42% of millennials would leave a company due to substandard technology

In this webinar, our experts will discuss how to leverage technology amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond to improve productivity and engagement and manage risks. Topics will include:

  • Implementing the right tools and solutions for your remote workforce
  • Best practices to manage productivity and risks – tools and tips
  • How technology plays into the company culture and current environment
  • Other technological competitive advantages available in the new normal
  • Securing data and systems from IT and cyber threats


  • Robert Cini – Managing Director, CBIZ MHM
  • Tiffany Garcia – Director, CBIZ Risk & Advisory Services