How Advanced Due Diligence Can Help Combat Rising Health Plan Costs



Watch On-Demand - Combat Rising Health Plan Costs With Eligibility and Claims Audits


For employers and human resources executives, combating soaring healthcare costs has become as much a rite of fall as raking leaves. With healthcare costs rising faster than the average annual income, there is more reason than ever to look for new tools to add to your organization’s arsenal of cost-saving strategies.

In this on-demand webinar, our compliance expert will review the scope and purpose of performing a dependent eligibility audit and/or claims audit for your health plan and answer these critical questions and more: 

  • Who needs a dependent eligibility audit?
  • Why go through a dependent eligibility audit?
  • Who needs a health claims audit?
  • Why go through a health claims audit?
  • What is the business impact of these audits?
  • How is ROI measured for these type of audits?


Presented by:

Phyllis Hoff
Managing Director, Benefits Compliance Group