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COVID-19 & Compliance

Employer Legislative Update: Year in Review & What's to Come in 2021

The 2020 elections have come and gone. So what can we expect in the world of employee benefits going forward when it comes to benefits and other employer- and employee-related laws affecting businesses?

Key Considerations for Reopening the Workplace in the COVID-19 Economy

As federal, state and local jurisdictions begin to permit businesses to reopen, all work environments will require careful consideration and a phased-in plan.

Ensuring Your Benefits Plan is Compliant During COVID-19: A Spring Regulatory Update

In the ever-changing world of employee benefits during COVID-19, it’s essential that plan sponsors stop and take stock of their benefit plans to ensure compliance with both long-standing and newly imposed requirements that will impact their business.

Rx Trends Amid COVID-19: Leveraging Pharmacy Benefits Plans to Improve Your Bottom Line

Pharmacy costs continue to rise and are estimated to surpass $400B in the next year. Most plan sponsors spend 20 to 35% of their healthcare dollars on pharmacy, and nearly half of that pharmacy spend is exhausted on specialty pharmaceuticals. This and other trends, particularly surrounding COVID-19, have created a market dynamic where plan sponsors are beginning to rethink how they design and manage an effective, and sustainable benefit plan.

3-Part On-Demand Webinar Series - Navigating Remote Work & Leadership During COVID-19

Remote work is not new but may be unfamiliar to some employees, leaders and businesses. With significant rise in temporary work from home, CBIZ has put together these resources that will help you and your team navigate remote work during COVID-19.  

Employer Legislative Update: The Year in Review & What’s to Come in 2022

With 2021 almost behind us, where do we stand now and what can we expect in the world of employee benefits going forward when it comes to benefits and other employer- and employee-related laws affecting businesses? Staying on top of these evolving, complex issues is tough!


Strategies to Combat Against the Great Resignation

The Power of Pivoting — How Reinvention & Innovation Can Help Employers Attract Top Talent in 2022 

In this webinar, we highlight the importance of creating a culture of internal mobility and autonomy, where employees feel they can accelerate their careers at the pace they want, strategies to live and breathe a highly valued culture of vitality that lends stability to your organization amid the "Great Resignation", and how reinvention and innovation in the workforce have become imperative for a thriving organization, and how you can harness them.

Tactics to Thrive Amid the Great Resignation — Leveraging Communication, Creativity & Increased Incentives

In this webinar, presenters Joe Ellis, Mike Ziccardi and Greg Ochalek discuss how employers can leverage employee benefits and retirement solutions to combat the Great Resignation and improve employee turnover.


Employee Benefits Strategies

Winning Tactics for Open Enrollment Success — From Preparation to Execution

When it comes to navigating open enrollment, employers must take a tailored approach to ensure optimal employee understanding of and engagement with your benefits offerings. So, as you begin to build your customized strategy, it’s important to consider multiple factors, such as your organization’s goals, financial constraints and tech tools, as well as your employees’ characteristics, needs and capabilities.

A Recession is Brewing — Voluntary Benefits Can Help You Weather the Storm

Renewal season is coming — are you prepared to thrive, not just survive? From understanding the “why” behind your benefits offerings to navigating the post-renewal process, employers must properly prepare to ensure a successful benefits renewal from start to finish. This is no easy task, but CBIZ is here to help.

Renewal Bootcamp 2022: Employer Strategies to Thrive this Season

Renewal season is coming — are you prepared to thrive, not just survive? From understanding the “why” behind your benefits offerings to navigating the post-renewal process, employers must properly prepare to ensure a successful benefits renewal from start to finish. This is no easy task, but CBIZ is here to help.

Key Strategies to Achieve a Successful Benefits Renewal

Considering few employees truly understand the value of their benefits package and that health insurance coverage is one of a company’s largest investments, a successful benefits renewal is especially critical. But, it doesn’t have to be painful.

Exploring Self-Funded Benefits Strategies

Discover self-insurance strategies your organization may be able to implement to manage health care costs, reduce human resources’ administrative burdens and improve employee experience.

How to Combat Rising Health Plan Costs With Eligibility & Claims Audits

For employers and human resources executives, combating soaring healthcare costs has become as much a rite of fall as raking leaves. With healthcare costs rising faster than the average annual income, there is more reason than ever to look for new tools to add to your organization’s arsenal of cost-saving strategies.

Managing Pharmacy Costs & Performance - Understanding Your Opportunities

Prescription drug coverage continues to play a major role in employer-provided group health benefit plans, while new drugs with extreme costs and above-average price inflations continue to challenge budgets.

The Compatibility Factor: Making HSAs Work with Your Employee Benefits Plan

Let’s face it – Health care consumers continue to pay more of the costs for their benefits coverage via everything from high-deductible health plans to higher prescription drug prices. So how can you help your employees manage these costs? (They will be very grateful.) Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are one solution, but they must be set up properly.

The Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Hubbub: Your Questions Answered

In this on-demand webinar, our regulatory and compliance expert will review the scope and requirements of various HRA designs and answer these critical questions and more.


Employee Communication

Attract, Retain, Engage — Building an Employee-Centric Communication Strategy

Having a strategic communications plan in place that effectively conveys your organization’s values, culture, benefits and more can make all the difference when it comes to combatting the Great Resignation.

Personalizing the Employee Benefits Experience: The Key to Better Communication & Engagement

With a workforce comprised of employees from different generations, backgrounds and experiences, it’s more important than ever to move beyond the one-size-fits-all benefits approach. Personalizing the employee benefits experience in a digitally-driven world is crucial to engaging a diverse workforce.

Building an Effective Benefits Communication Strategy

Effective employee communication is about more than just providing basic plan information; it’s about taking a strategic approach to year-round, multi-channel communications that will drive employee engagement and produce meaningful results.

Reach a Dispersed Workforce by Leveraging Digital Communications

During this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can cut through the clutter to reach employees, increase awareness of your benefit offerings and boost understanding of the value of those benefits. We’ll explain how to use targeted communications and help you determine the best ways to maximize your technology resources to drive meaningful employee action. 


Employee Population Health Management

Exploring Alternative Health Plan Funding Options & the Effects on Employee Benefit Programs

As employers continue to encounter escalating health care costs, many are exploring innovative strategies that allow for direct service and pricing negotiations with health care providers without the use of a major medical network. Three of these models include Reference-Based Pricing, Direct Primary Care and Direct Contracting.

Impacts the Health Care System Has on Your Employee Population

As an employer, you build benefit plan designs, procure medical and pharmacy networks, and evaluate vendors to help manage the health and happiness of your employees. But, what happens when your people go out into the medical world to use those benefits? How is the healthcare marketplace interacting with your employees and how your insurance is applied?

Population Health Management Using Data Analytics: How to Increase Healthcare Quality and Decrease Costs

Population health strategies are key aspects to providing value to both employers and employees. Population health relates to the cost, quality, and personal experiences of health care services delivered by health care providers.


Workplace Wellbeing

It’s Time for a Culture Shift — Leveraging Data to Assess & Enhance Your Workplace Wellbeing Program

Respect, trust and a sense of belonging are just some of the values your organization’s culture should cultivate, but how can you accurately assess the current state of your workforce’s wellbeing and measure the success of any changes implemented? 

The answer: through the use of data. In this webinar, our wellbeing expert will discuss the importance of leveraging data to design a holistic wellbeing program.

Maximizing Productivity & Engagement by Improving Your Employees’ Health & Wealth

Employee wellbeing leads to increased engagement and success in the workplace and is essential to a thriving workplace culture. In 2020, the percentage of engaged workers in the U.S. reached a record high; however, that number is still small when looking at the total number of U.S. workers. This is a problem for employers because employees who are not engaged may be putting time – but not energy or passion – into their work, and this could lead to business or performance consequences.

Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing: Strategies to Create a Thriving Workforce

Given the unique and incredibly stressful events that we’ve endured this past year and continue to experience, it’s no surprise that cases of anxiety and depression have tripled since the start of the pandemic. 

As we look into the New Year and beyond, employers are taking stock of what is currently available to support their employees, and trying to maximize engagement and value from those resources, as well as looking for new ways to get employees the help they need, when they need it.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Your Workplace Wellbeing Program

Even the most well-designed wellness program can struggle to impact individual and organizational health, and in some cases it can even have the opposite intended effect. However, when an organization successfully crafts a strategy truly focused on creating workplace conditions supportive of engagement and wellbeing - particularly with increased remote work environments - it creates a unique competitive advantage.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Workplace Wellbeing Program

The employee wellbeing industry is continually evolving, leaving employers with the question of not only what works but also how to measure their program’s impact.

Workplace Wellbeing: Strategies for Low Budgets and Limited Resources

Do you think your company is too small for a wellbeing program? Think again! There are many resources and strategies available for small and mid-size businesses – even with limited populations and limited budgets.

Culture is Key: How to Reenergize Your Company with a Standout Wellbeing Program

What makes an organization’s wellbeing program tick? As employers struggle to find new ways to engage their workforce in wellbeing initiatives, many proven, effective strategies have emerged. Let our wellbeing expert share some of those with you so you don’t waste valuable time and money on ineffective initiatives.