Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Your Workplace Wellbeing Program



Watch On-Demand - Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Your Workplace Wellbeing Program


Even the most well-designed wellness program can struggle to impact individual and organizational health, and in some cases it can even have the opposite intended effect. However, when an organization successfully crafts a strategy truly focused on creating workplace conditions supportive of engagement and wellbeing - particularly with increased remote work environments - it creates a unique competitive advantage.

In this webinar you will learn how to create a culture where employees want to show up and thrive! Topics include:

  • Avoiding common pitfalls of wellness program design
  • Creating initiatives that are meaningful, inclusive and aligned with the vision of your organization
  • What we have learned from “ROI” data and recent studies
  • Recommendations for meaningful metrics
  • Options for assessment
  • Program-specific evaluation considerations

Further, our regulatory and compliance expert will discuss:

  • Key points on keeping your wellness program compliant with the myriad of laws, including HIPAA, ACA, ADA and GINA
  • What incentives can be offered to employees to encourage enrollment in wellness programs without running afoul of these laws
  • Developments from the litigation front for ideas on designing a compliant wellness program


Presented by:

Emily Noll
National Director
CBIZ Engagement & Wellbeing Consulting


Karen McLeese
Vice President Employee Benefits Regulatory Affairs
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services