Senior Living Provider Automates Administrative HR to Focus on Larger Goals

Bickford Senior Living, a family-run assisted living provider, needed more accurate and efficient payroll and HR administration with better data insights and fewer manual processes.

Since its establishment in 1992, Bickford Senior Living has expanded to to more than 60 locations spanning 11 states with approximately 2,500 employees. The organization is owned and operated by the Bickford family who strives to bring a sense of community and feeling of home to its residents and employees alike.

Bickford identified a need to switch payroll providers to pay their employees accurately and efficiently and to have more useful and extensive data insights. Thanks to an already existing relationship with CBIZ Financial Services, Bickford turned to CBIZ Human Capital Management's (HCM) HRIS solution, Centrally HR, for their payroll, timekeeping and HR needs.

The Difference a Partner Can Make

Implementing a new HCM system and switching providers is a large undertaking. With CBIZ, Bickford had a dedicated partner in the transition. The CBIZ implementation team walked Bickford through detailed trainings of the system to ensure they were able to use Centrally HR to its fullest capabilities.

Previously, Bickford's payroll solution was serviced completely in-house while time tracking and HR were managed manually by employees faxing in paper forms. With CBIZ, they not only gained a full-service HCM solution but also a dedicated team of implementation and service experts, enabling the team at Bickford to focus on their core business.

“If I have a question, I don’t have to put in a ticket. I go to folks that I have built a relationship with whose success is tied to our success. It truly feels like a partnership.”
Justin Stein, VP of People

From Reactive to Proactive with Self-Service Tools

With Centrally HR's self-service tools, employees can easily access their personal information from the desktop portal or mobile app. For the first time, employees are empowered to make instantaneous updates to their own data, such as entering direct deposit information, updating their location for accurate tax deductions and managing life change events.

Accurate Time Tracking for Better Budgeting

Since switching to Centrally HR, Bickford's employees have taken time tracking mobile by logging hours and cost center changes in the Centrally HR mobile app, freeing up leadership from inputting hours manually. Employees can also correct missing or inaccurate punches in real time, resulting in a timely and accurate paycheck and less manual intervention from leadership.

Up-to-date and accurate paychecks have led to better, real-time visibility into budgeting for Bickford's directors. Reports that used to be computed and compared manually are now readily available with the time and payroll points already in their system. Quick insight into payroll over payroll, wages by location and bonus payrolls hasn't only saved time, it has also allowed them to make the best decisions on pay and job costing to hire and retain top-tier employees.

Prepared for the Future and Continued Growth

Bickford Senior Living has gained higher visibility into their business thanks to Centrally HR's capabilities in data transparency and reporting. Partnering with CBIZ and adopting Centrally HR has given Bickford's leadership the ability to focus on the big picture, make proactive decisions and continue to prepare for the future.


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