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CBIZ HR Solutions powered by Mineral is a comprehensive online portal that helps you tackle all your HR questions and compliance needs. With CBIZ HR Solutions, you get easy access to:

Expert HR Live Support

There is simply no substitute for human experience and knowledge. Enjoy unlimited access to certified, experienced advisors to help strengthen your people risk management strategy.

HR Resources

Access thousands of templates, tools, checklists, and policies to make your job easier. Resources include HR compliance library, benefits document creator, salary comparison tool, proactive to-dos, job description builder, and more.

Compliance Updates

Fully integrated content combining expert analysis of employment laws and regulations with best practice information to help you handle current issues and prepare for future risks.

Smart Employee Handbook

Easily create a federal and single- or multi-state compliant handbook, complete with automatic regulation change updates to ensure your handbook is always up-to-date, accurate, and protecting your business as effectively as possible.

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