CBIZ Health Savings Account Services

Financial Flexibility for the Future

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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) make it simple for your employees to save on health care today and tomorrow. CBIZ HSA Services help your business:

  • Save money on health insurance premiums
  • Reduce payroll taxes
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Sae time with paperless administration
  • Add depth and flexibility to your benefits and retirement plans

Payroll Integration

Our HSA benefit integrates with our payroll solution so your employees’ HSA deductions are automatically deposited into their health savings account every payroll.

Mobile App

Our industry-leading mobile app gives participants the ability to scan products while in the store to determine if they’re HSA qualified products.

Health Shopper Portal

CBIZ has partnered with Amazon to offer participants an online shopping portal that includes only products eligible for purchase with HSA funds, eliminating the chance of making ineligible purchases.

Investment Options

Participants can invest their HSA funds, however they choose, once their account reaches a balance of $2,000. CBIZ offers investment tools and more than 5,000 mutual funds and other investment options.

Contact Us to Learn More About CBIZ HSA Administration

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