Population Health Management Using Data Analytics



Watch On-Demand: Population Health Management Using Data Analytics


Population health strategies are key aspects to providing value to both employers and employees. Population health relates to the cost, quality, and personal experiences of health care services delivered by health care providers.

In this on-demand webinar, the discussion will center on these in-depth topics:

  • Direct Contracting opportunities that lead to higher quality care with cost savings.
  • Using data analytics to detect the best opportunities for targeted care management initiatives.
  • Quantifying the benefits of existing care management and wellness initiatives.
    • How to conduct opportunity and plausibility analysis to verify the impacts of vendor programs and strategies.
  • Primary Care Utilization and Access (Value Based Primary Care) and Worksite Clinic Performance Verification.
  • Member Responsibility Initiatives – gaps in care and quantification of these gaps (Patient Assistance) and how to achieve greater performance.
  • Integrated Third Party Programs that can help in managing actions that will achieve greater value at a lower cost.


Presented by:

Dave Rubadue
National Director Health Care Actuarial Services
CBIZ Employee Benefits



 Chris Davis
 National Director Health Innovations
 CBIZ Employee Benefits