Managing Your Employment and Benefits, Tax and Payroll Decisions



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The rapid pace at which the COVID-19 virus spread left organizations reeling. Recent coronavirus stimulus legislation contains several provisions designed to offset the repercussions from the global pandemic. Several of the benefits are tied to payroll information and must be reported properly on upcoming payroll tax returns. Our webinar will go over what employers need to know to access those benefits, what steps may be needed to ensure their employees can take advantage of coronavirus legislation benefits, and how to report these benefits on payroll tax returns.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The CARES Act payroll tax holiday that allows employers to defer payment of the employer portion of Social Security taxes on payroll through Dec. 31, 2020
  • Employee retention benefits that incentivize employers to retain workforces through refundable payroll tax credits
  • Paid sick and family leave benefits and refundable payroll tax credits
  • Other employee benefits available under legislation, including withdrawals from retirement accounts and incentives for employer assistance with student loan repayments

You will leave this webinar armed with the information and guidance you need to take the necessary steps to access relief during this turbulent time.

Your Expert Presenters Are:

  • Bill Smith – Managing Director, CBIZ MHM National Tax Office
  • Nate Smith – Director, CBIZ MHM National Tax Office
  • Corey Payne – Vice President of Growth, CBIZ Payroll
  • Karen McLeese - Vice President Employee Benefits Regulatory Affairs, CBIZ Benefits & Insurance