Using KPIs to Inform Recovery and Planning in the Manufacturing Sector



In times of volatility and changing business trends, understanding how to track, optimize and plan business performance requires a more all-encompassing view into financial, sales and operational data. Our webinar will cover some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that manufacturers should monitor during their recovery from COVID-19. We will discuss how providing insight into pre-pandemic performance and where the business is today aids in setting 2021 strategies and detailed budgets.

Topics will include:

  • Examples of manufacturing cross-functional KPIs to consider monitoring
  • Insight into how manufacturers can use KPIs to identify leading and lagging measures of business functions
  • Tips for ongoing monitoring of KPIs against targets
  • Best practices for using KPIs to implement more meaningful corrective and optimizing actions

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  • Luke Espich, Director CBIZ CMF