Navigating Remote Work & Leadership Amid COVID-19

3-Part On-Demand Webinar Series


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Remote work is not new but may be unfamiliar to some employees, leaders and businesses. With significant rise in temporary work from home, CBIZ has put together these resources that will help you and your team navigate remote work during COVID-19.  

In these 60-minute on-demand webinars, our Leadership and Talent Development expert will provide immediate applicable tips and best practices (and maybe a few laughs as well!) on the following three topics:


Part 1 | Remote Leadership: How to Lead Your Teams from a Distance

If you have led a remote team for many years, or have just very recently become a remote leader, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should consider putting in your leadership toolbox.

Part 2 | Remote Leadership: Addressing the “Now What?” Questions

After the immediate actions that you have taken to help your team adjust to working remotely, the “newness” of the situation can wear off quickly and feelings of isolation, loneliness and frustration can begin to take hold. Learn how to handle the more difficult challenges that arise during times of change.

Part 3 | Working Remote: The Do’s and Don’ts of Working in a Remote Environment

Maybe you have worked remotely for years, or maybe this is your first time ever working remotely – but no matter where you fall, there are lessons that can be learned on how to be as effective as possible! Learn how to navigate working remotely by maximizing some of the opportunities that are present, while addressing common challenges. 


About the Presenter:

Marina Davis
Director, Organization and Talent Development Group
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance, Inc.



Marina has worked in the Organization and Talent Development field for over 25 years, working with thousands of leaders and teams both internationally and domestically. She has worked with all sizes and types of organizations as a consultant, and internally with Hyatt Hotels, ADP and now CBIZ, Inc. Marina is also an award-winning professor at Northwestern University who has taught Conflict Resolution, Human Resources Management and Leadership to undergraduate and graduate professional adult students.