Survey Results: Nonprofits Accelerate Transformation


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The CBIZ Marks Paneth Annual Nonprofit Pulse Survey Shows Not-For-Profits Pivoting Quickly

Nonprofit organizations accelerated plans to adopt new technologies, operational models, and approaches to budgeting and finances last year because of the pandemic, according to the 2022 Nonprofit Industry Pulse Survey of leaders and executives conducted by CBIZ Marks Paneth.
Many organizations in our survey expressed challenges in:

  • Accessing new funding sources
  • Limited staffing
  • Inconsistent cash flow

Fortunately, organizations pursued solutions that have been available for a while and were bumped up to priority status. These swift operational changes such as business continuity planning, remote staffing and increased cybersecurity were critical during the pandemic for continued 2021 program delivery, communications and workflow. Download our survey to read how leaders discovered, through adversity, an unexpected source of new audiences, donors and resources.


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