About the Awards

The CBIZ Women Transforming Business Awards (WTBAs), powered by CBIZ Women’s Advantage, recognize, and celebrate visionary women in business across the country for their success in five categories: financial strength, innovation, culture, community impact, and emerging leader. Our program celebrates the tremendous achievements of women who serve as inspiring leaders, and express determination, fortitude and grace in the face of challenge.

Award Impact

We asked each a few of our past honorees to describe the impacts of award programs like the WTBAs, and to share how such recognition helps raise the profile of women in business. Here’s what they had to say:

“Award programs like the WTBAs don’t just empower the nominees, they empower all women and underrepresented groups to publicly celebrate their achievements both in their profession and in the community while navigating the social perception around self-promotion”.

Cynthia DiBartolo, Esq.
Founder, Chairwoman and CEO
Tigress Financial Partners

“The concept of recognition is very important. I love that CBIZ looks at ways to recognize women not just in one market or one area, but across the country and in different businesses and industries…. I also love the fact there are different categories. Being recognized as a female leader in the country serves a lot of purposes. It gives other inspiring leaders people to look to.”

Tammy Peterman, MS, RN, FAAN, NEA-BC
President, Kansas City Division
The University of Kansas Health System

“I feel like it dives into a little bit of what drives people as well as giving a platform to individuals who wouldn’t normally have the avenue to celebrate themselves or celebrate others the way that they should be or could be. Groups like this are a great way to amplify those voices and diversity and initiatives that are going on across the nation.”

Alicia Calero
Regulatory Compliance Program Manager

“They inspire and motivate. I think back over my career to stories I heard about other women and I thought, I could do that or maybe I should do that. It’s really about storytelling and motivating.”

Dominique Bernardo
Variety – The Children’s Charity of the Delaware Valley

“This program inspires confidence in others and promotes continuous improvement and innovation. It provides a platform to uplift others as we all as connect people through these women’s experiences."

Lan Nguyen
Senior Director, Risk Management
BioMed Realty


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